# Due Diligence

# What information will members receive from projects?

Projects apply for investment through The LAO's DApp. However, members can also make proposals for other forms of investment using the DApp's governance mechanisms or less formally through LAO-specific communication channels. Applicants are expected to submit relevant information about their project, including a background of founders, pitch deck, and relevant financial information.

If members believe that additional information should be collected from an applicant, the member may contact the project directly or ask the service provider to obtain the information on The LAO's behalf.

# Will members have the opportunity to conduct due diligence on the various startups applying for funding?

Members are free to contact projects and conduct due diligence on any startups that have applied to receive financing from The LAO.

The LAO will maintain various ways to interact with applicants and projects, such as Telegram, Discourse, and Slack channels. If requested by the members, The LAO's service provider can schedule meetings or facilitate other interactions with any applicants that are being considered by members for investment.

# Can members request that additional or different types of information be collected from projects?

Members have the right to control all investment operations of The LAO and any changes are expected to be implemented by the service provider.