# Accreditation Process

# How do I establish my accreditation status?

During member onboarding, members will be asked to provide applicable documentation in order for The LAO to verify your status as an accredited investor. This may include:

  • documentation verifying your income or net worth;
  • written confirmation from a registered broker-dealer or investment advisor, licensed attorney, or certified public accountant as to the member's accreditation status; and
  • various forms, including a Form W-2, Form 1099, bank or brokerage statements, other statements of securities holdings, and other applicable documentation to ensure that you meet the definition of an accredited investor.

If you're acting on behalf of a legal entity, you may need to provide:

  • verification of that entity's assets; and
  • verification of your sophistication.

# I'm a foreign investor interested in becoming a member of The LAO. Are non-U.S. investors able to become a member in The LAO?

Non-U.S. based investors are permitted to become members of The LAO. Non-U.S. based contributors must verify their identity in order to contribute.

# How long does it take to verify my application?

Accreditation and verification of Members will take several business days to be processed by The LAO. We will notify you during the verification, with any questions or concerns. After this point, the current members of The LAO will approve your application based on social media profile.

# Who will see the accreditation and other documents that I upload?

The documentation that you upload as evidence of your accreditation status are kept private and are used to verify that you meet the definition of an accredited investor.